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Heart Rate Monitor Training

The basic principles of heart rate monitor training are actually quite simple.
  • Physical training induces adaptations in the body, leading to improvements in speed, endurance and overall fitness.
  • The body adapts differently according to the intensity and duration of the training.
  • To get the body to adapt in a particular way, it is necessary to train at the appropriate intensity and duration. For example, training for speed is quite different from training for endurance.
  • The lower the training intensity, the slower the heart needs to beat in order to supply enough oxygen and blood to the working muscles requiring energy.
  • Conversely the higher the training intensity, the faster the heart needs to beat in order to supply enough oxygen and blood to the working muscles requiring energy.
  • Heart rate is thus a good measure of the training intensity.
  • Monitoring and controlling the heart rate within a specific range thus indirectly controls the training intensity, leading to the desired adaptations and changes in the body.

What is written above is actually an over-simplification. However, the general gist is there.

An actual real heart rate training plan often will not merely consist of a single monotonous heart rate training zone which you do every single session. Not at all. An actual weekly training plan is likely to consist of higher intensity sessions alternating with lower intensity sessions (or complete rest). How it is actually structured depends on the goals and fitness of the individual. It is very important to note that the body does its adaptations during periods of rest. If the body is never given a chance to rest properly, fitness will instead decrease.

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