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Impact Sports ePulse Heart Rate Monitor

Impact Sports has produced ePulse, a unique armband heart rate monitor that provides continuous heart rate monitoring without the use of chest strap. Furthermore it does so without sacrificing heart rate measurement accuracy. The ePulse2 is the 2nd generation product which improves upon the original ePulse both in design and features.

The ePulse/ePulse2 heart rate monitors also offer calorie counting features so that they can be used to support a weight loss or weight monitoring training program. These monitors can be used while you are walking, running, playing tennis, doing various aerobic activities and even just going about your ordinary daily activities.

You can find more specific info by clicking on the image below. You can also view the product on Amazon by clicking the "Click to Order" button.

Model Type Main Features
Basic Strapless continuous heart rate monitoring. Automatic heart rate zone. Calorie counter. LED display.
Basic / Intermediate Strapless continuous heart rate monitoring. Automatic or manual heart rate zone. Stop watch with split times. Calorie counter. Calorie countdown. LED display. Rechargeable.

Please visit Impact Sports' official web site for more information.

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