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Omron Heart Rate Monitor

The Omron heart rate monitor model HR-100C is one of the most popular heart rate monitor watches in the market. Even though it is basic, its ease of use and low price contribute to its great popularity.

Omron is known in North America as a manufacturer of fitness/weight management, healthcare and medical products. In particular Omron's step and calorie counting pedometers are well received by users. The Omron's range of pedometers have consistently been top sellers on Amazon.

However Omron, for some reason, only manufactures ONE heart rate monitor model. Given their knowledge and experience in making medical precision measurement instruments, they probably could have come up with a range of models.

As of this writing (Dec 2007), the Omron HR-100C is the best selling heart rate monitor on Amazon. It has over 160 customer reviews and users are generally positive about owning and using the HR-100C heart rate monitor.

Update (Aug 2010): This monitor is still one of the best sellers on Amazon, having now amassed more than 660 user reviews!

You can find more specific info by clicking on the image below. You can also view the product on Amazon by clicking the "Click to Order" button.

Model Type Main Features
Omron HR100C
Omron HR-100C
Basic Manual heart rate training zone with alarms. Backlight.

Please visit Omron's official web site for more information.

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