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Mio Motiva Heart Rate Monitor

Mio Motiva Heart Rate Monitor The Mio Motiva heart rate monitor is a strapless heart rate monitor with ECG accurate measurements. It is the third model in the Eurofit series of heart rate monitors, the other ones being Mio Breeze and Mio Drive. It does not have a chest strap transmitter and requires that you put two fingers on the sensors on the wrist watch to measure your heart rate. Hence it measures heart rate on demand, rather than continuously. The Mio Motiva is one model up from the Mio Drive model. Note that there is a variant for smaller wrists: Mio Motiva Petite. The Mio Motiva Petite has the same features as Mio Motiva.

The main features of the Mio Motiva heart rate monitor are:

  • Strapless (no chest strap), on demand heart rate monitoring
  • Heart rate displayed as beats per minutes and percentage of your maximum heart rate (calculated using your gender and age)
  • Calories consumption during exercise calculated based on age, gender and weight and heart rate readings. It is also added to a cumulative total which you can reset whenever you want to.
  • Additional calorie management facilities such as daily calorie target, net calories in and weekly weight change goal
  • Automatic calculation of daily calorie target using your age, gender, weight, resting heart rate, activity level and weekly weight change goal. This can also be manually set if required.
  • Countdown timer, countdown timer with repeat, dual (walk/run) timer
  • Stop watch (count up timer), countdown followed by count up timer
  • Heart rate recovery measurement
  • Basic time keeping: time, date, daily alarm
  • Backlight
  • Battery user changeable
  • Interchangeable watch band (an additional bonus one is included)

Note: The features in bold above show the features found in Mio Motiva but not in Mio Drive.

The other variant of Mio Motiva is the smaller Mio Motiva Petite as shown below.

Mio Motiva Petite Heart Rate Monitor

The Mio Motiva heart rate monitor has a number of calorie management facilities. First you can set your own daily calorie target. This target amount can be set automatically based on your personal data and weekly weight change goal (for example to gain 1 lb). You can adjust it further if you wish.

If you then eat something, you input its calorific amount into the watch. This amount (net calories in) is accumulated, depending on how many meals/snacks you have had during the day. The net calories in will show up against your daily calorie target in the form of bars. There are ten bars in total, with 1 bar representing about one tenth of target. So when you have reached or exceeded your daily calorie target, fully ten bars will show up on the wrist watch.

This allows you to see, as you eat throughout the day, whether you are approaching your target daily amount or are beginning to exceed it. Note that if you exercise, your exercise calorie burnt amount is automatically deducted from your net calories in. For example, if you have just burnt 300 calories in your exercise, you net calories in will be reduced by 300, so you can afford to eat more (for the day) before reaching your daily target. At the end of the day, you reset the net calories in and the next day, you start counting afresh.

Obviously you don't need to use all these calorie management facilities. But they are there for you if you choose to use them.

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You can use the timer in the Mio Motiva heart rate monitor in the following 5 ways:

  • Countdown to zero and stop
  • Countdown to zero and repeat
  • Dual (Walk/Run) timer
  • Stop watch (count up timer)
  • Countdown followed by count up timer

The Countdown to zero and stop timer is the simplest. When the timer counts to zero, it beeps twice and that is it.

With the Countdown to zero and repeat timer, the timer beeps when it counts to zero, but then it restarts again and the cycle repeats. You can set the number of repetitions.

The Dual timer is useful for interval training. You set 2 timers of different durations, say one for 3 minutes (for walking) and the other for 2 minutes (for running). When you start the timer, you walk. When 3 minutes is up, it beeps and you start to run. After you have run for 2 minutes, the timer beeps again. And you begin to walk. And so the cycle repeats. You can set the number of repetitions.

The stop watch is the usual stuff. You start the timer when you exercise and you stop when you are done. Simple.

Countdown followed by count up timer is a bit unusual. It is useful for say doing a fixed duration warm up, followed by an indefinite exercise period. For example, you may want to do a fixed 2 minute warm up, followed by a run of as yet undetermined duration.

You can also test your heart rate recovery. The idea is that immediately after your exercise, the speed with which your heart rate drops back to normal is a sign of how fit you are. To do this test, the Mio Shap Elite takes your first heart rate, countdowns down 50 secs, and then takes your second heart rate. It then looks at your heart rate difference and shows you what it thinks of your recovery:

  • Poor: < 12 bpm
  • Fair: 12 - 30 bpm
  • Good: 31 - 50 bpm
  • Excellent: > 50 bpm

You can buy optional interchangeable watch bands to customize Mio Motiva's look, allowing you to choose a color that represents your style. For the Mio Motiva heart rate monitor, an additional bonus watch band in orange and grey color is included.


The Mio Motiva heart rate monitor is the most advanced model in the Eurofit series. In addition to on demand heart rate monitoring, it offers advanced calorie management features, multiple timer options and heart rate recovery measurement.

This takes you to Amazon for some of the best selections for this model. Certain selections come with FREE Super Saver Shipping.

Useful Information
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Further information: Visit Mio's official web site.

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