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Suunto X3HR Heart Rate Monitor

Suunto X3HR Heart Rate Monitor The Suunto X3HR heart rate monitor is a basic/intermediate heart rate monitor particularly suited for outdoor uses. In addition to heart rate monitoring functions, it gives you your current altitude. If you are hiking, for example, it records how much ascent and/or descent you have made and adds them up for you to review later on when you have finished your session. It can also measure temperature and pressure.

The main features of the Suunto X3HR heart rate monitor are:

  • Continuous heart rate monitoring
  • You can set heart rate training limits
  • You can set a tone to beep when you train above/below your limits
  • Graphic indicator shows your current heart rate in relation to your heart rate limits
  • You can view real time average heart rate
  • You can view altitude, temperature and absolute air pressure
  • Stop watch to start and stop exercise session
  • You can take laps, of which the first 10 are stored in memory
  • Two segment Interval timer
  • Post-exercise summary: Duration, average, minimum and maximum heart rate, cumulative ascent and descent, highest and lowest altitude during training, information about each recorded lap
  • You can save the summary of 8 exercise sessions
  • Basic time keeping: Time, date, alarm
  • Backlight
  • Both chest strap and wrist watch batteries are user replaceable
  • Water resistant up to 30m for the wrist watch and 20m for the transmitter belt
  • Analogue wireless transmission with chest strap.
  • Choice of two colors: black or ice

The Suunto X3HR heart rate monitor is a basic heart rate monitor adapted for outdoor uses. You can glance at information like altitude and temperature. When you are done, you can also see your cumulative ascent or descent. You can see your real time average heart rate, which is important information if you are training in an environment where your heart rate varies a lot: hiking, cross country skiing etc. For runners, it has lap recording and interval timer facilities. It can also save up to 8 session summaries. It is a neat package for outdoor enthusiasts who don't want something too complex.

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Useful Information
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Further information: Visit Suunto's official web site.

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