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Ekho E-10 Heart Rate Monitor

Ekho E-10 Heart Rate Monitor Ekho E-10 heart rate monitor is the entry model of Ekho's current series of heart rate monitors with a small number of basic features.

Here are the E-10's main functions:

  • Continuous heart rate monitoring
  • Basic time keeping: Time only, no date or alarm
  • Wireless heart rate monitor (ECG accurate) with an analogue chest strap transmitter and a wrist watch receiver

The E-10 does not have these common features:

  • Heart rate training limits
  • Duration, average heart rate, maximum heart rate of exercise session
  • Backlight

Due to its wireless analogue transmitter, the E-10 is capable of interfacing with heart rate interactive exercise equipment. Example: You will find, in a good gym, treadmills that are capable of reading your heart rate directly from your transmitter. In that case you don't need to wear your wrist watch unit. You can read off your current heart rate on the treadmill's dispaly.

You can replace the battery for the chest strap transmitter yourself. However, you can't do the same for the wrist watch unit.


The E-10 is a minimalistic heart rate monitor. It just shows what your current heart rate is. No other extras are included. Put on the chest strap and the wrist watch, press one button and off it goes and starts measuring your heart rate. It is an uncomplicated, easy to use heart rate monitor. The suggested retail price for the E-10 is $49.95.

Useful Information
Reviews: This page has a concise summary of Ekho heart rate monitor reviews.
Further information: Visit Ekho's official web site.

Next up in the series is the Ekho E-15 heart rate monitor.

Note: If you like the E-10, you may want to have a look at the Nike C3 or the Polar A1. They are all minimalistic heart rate monitors.

Not sure which heart rate monitor is right for you? Take a look at the Which Heart Rate Monitor page.

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