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PowerGlove Heart Rate Monitor

PowerGlove Heart Rate Monitor

The PowerGlove heart rate monitor is another one of the finger heart rate monitors which do not require a chest strap for continuous heart rate monitoring. It uses a finger wrap sensor wrapped around your thumb or index finger to detect the passage of pulses.

Important Note: PowerGlove is obsolete. Please take a look at ePulse2, a new strapless heart rate monitor that simply wraps around your forearm and provides continuous heart rate monitoring.

The main features of the PowerGlove HRM are:

  • Continuous heart rate monitoring without the use of chest strap
  • Calories burnt: The calculation will take into account your gender, age, weight, height, and resting heart rate. Calories burnt are stored cumulatively to give you the daily totals and the totals since last reset.
  • Based on your personal info, it can suggest your target heart rate training zone but there is no out of zone alarm
  • You can review current heart rate, calories burnt (so far) and exercise time (so far) during your exercise.
  • Average, minimum and maximum heart rates since last reset. Note these values are not data of the session that you have just completed.
  • LED display for easy reading day or night
  • Rechargeable using the supplied charger

Given that the PowerGlove heart rate monitor uses the same principles as the Mark of Fitness MF-180, it is therefore subject to the same limitations with regard to usage. As this is not an ECG type of equipment and it relies on detecting blood pulses through your finger, how good your blood circulation is on the day plays a big role in how accurate the monitor is. Given the right conditions and accepting the limitations, it can be convenient for exercisers who do not wish to wear a chest strap.

Important note: Based on user feedback on the Powerglove heart rate monitor on Amazon, there are some design and quality issues. Users have reported that the controls are too closely spaced together. They have also reported quite a number of reliability issues and rough edges in the implementation.

Finger HRM: Mark of Fitness MF-180, PowerGlove, Carepeutic KH249

Not sure which heart rate monitor is right for you? Take a look at the Which Heart Rate Monitor page.

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