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Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

On this page you will find links to Polar heart rate monitor reviews by users on Amazon. Probably the people most qualified to help you with your buying decision are the users of the specific heart rate monitor models in question. So take a look at the reviews they have submitted. They may either confirm your decision or make you think twice.

Most Polar heart rate monitor reviews are quite positive, and apart from a few individual cases, most users are quite happy with Polar products.

Polar F series reviews:

Model Rating User Pros User Cons Reviews
Polar FS1

One button: easy to use. Big digital readout. Battery life ~ 2 years. Comfortable chest belt.

Watch has to return to Polar for battery replacement. No backlight. Very basic. Polar FS1 Reviews
Polar FS2
*** Works with gym equipment. Easy to use. Comfortable chest belt. Interference from power lines when cycling. Shuts off after 5 minutes if no signal is received. Polar FS2 Reviews
Polar FS3
**** One button: easy to use. Accurate monitoring. Backlight. Wrist watch strap short for user with large wrist. Polar FS3 Reviews
Polar F4
**** Simple to use. Works with gym equipment. Counts calories. Summary feature. No backlight. Battery not user replace-able. Polar F4 Reviews
Polar F6
**** Comprehensive statistics about your work out. Data upload to web site. 12 work out memories. Nothing major. Most users are very happy. Polar F6 Reviews
Polar F11

Long list of features. Weekly fitness plan. Comfortable WearLink chest strap.

Nothing major. Most users find it excellent. Polar F11 Reviews
Polar F55
**** Strength training exercise planning. All other pros of the F11 apply. Web site can be better. Otherwise most users find it excellent. Polar F55 Reviews

Polar RS series reviews:

Model Rating User Pros User Cons Reviews
Polar RS100
**** Easy to set up and use. Good features. Nothing major. Most users are very happy. Polar RS100 Reviews
Polar RS200
**** Easy to use. Workout summaries. Download capability. Comfortable chest strap. Flimsy, unresponsive buttons. Non-intuitive user interface. LCD quality. Polar RS200 Reviews
Polar RS200SD
**** Customizable view. Customizable workout routines. Well designed foot pod. Web site. Very accurate heart rate and distance. Long time to calibrate foot pod. Ocassional blank outs. Tricky with data upload. Takes a while to understand how it works. Polar RS200SD Reviews
Polar RS400
  --- --- Polar RS400 Reviews
Polar RS400SD
**** Distance/speed. Data download. Software. Lots of features. Price. Not very intuitive to navigate features. Polar RS400SD Reviews
Polar RS800
***** Comfortable belt. No interference from others. None as yet. Polar RS800 Reviews
Polar RS800SD
*** Accurate HR and distance. Training Software. Battery can get loose in S3 Foot Pod. Problems with electronics. Polar RS800SD Reviews

The Pros and Cons column entries are meant to be a snapshot of the user reviews. Please read the reviews to get the full picture. Remember no heart rate monitor is perfect and they all have their pros and cons.

Please visit Polar's official web site for more information.

Not sure which heart rate monitor is right for you? Take a look at the Which Heart Rate Monitor page.

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