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Sigma Sport Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

On this page you will find links to Sigma Sport heart rate monitor reviews by users on Amazon. Probably the people most qualified to help you with your buying decision are the users of the specific heart rate monitor models in question. So take a look at the reviews they have submitted. They may either confirm your decision or make you think twice.

The best one among the models is the PC 15, which has received many favourable reviews.

Note: Some of the following models still do not have any user reviews on Amazon. Hence only a link to the product page is provided. If you have direct experience of these monitors, please do contribute to the reviews at Amazon so you can help others.


Model Rating User Pros User Cons Reviews
Sigma Sport PC 3
PC 3


Unable to pick up heart rate consistently. PC 3 Reviews
Sigma Sport PC 4
PC 4
  --- --- PC 4 Reviews
Sigma Sport PC 3FT
  --- --- PC 3FT Reviews
Sigma Sport PC 9
PC 9

Responsive online service center. Good quality chest strap.

Too large for some. PC 9 Reviews
Sigma Sport PC 15
PC 15
**** Accurate. Easy to use. Excellent display. Price. Self-changed batteries. Interface with treadmils. Menu not particularly intuitive for some. Prone to interference. PC 15 Reviews
Sigma Sport Fit Watch
Fit Watch

Features. Sensitive chest strap. Self-changed batteries. Interface with gym equipment.

Some users reported that the watch was not working. Fit Watch Reviews
Sigma Sport Onyx Balance
Onyx Balance
  --- --- Onyx Balance Reviews
Sigma Sport Onyx Classic
Onyx Classic
  --- --- Onyx Classic Reviews
Sigma Sport Onyx Easy
Onyx Easy
**** Works great. Price. Self-changed batteries. The sync process. Onyx Easy Reviews
Sigma Sport Onyx Fit
Onyx Fit
* --- Display. Menu not intuitive. Onyx Fit Reviews
Sigma Sport Onyx Pro
Onyx Pro
**** Display. Chest strap. Memory. Very good performance. Display organization. Button operation. Onyx Pro Reviews
Sigma Sport Nordic Watch
Nordic Watch
  --- --- Nordic Watch Reviews
Sigma Sport Shape Watch
Shape Watch
***** Easy to use. Excellent instructions. --- Shape Watch Reviews

The Pros and Cons column entries are meant to be a snapshot of the user reviews. Please read the reviews to get the full picture. Remember no heart rate monitor is perfect and they all have their pros and cons.

Please visit Sigma Sport's official web site for more information.

Not sure which heart rate monitor is right for you? Take a look at the Which Heart Rate Monitor page.

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